Elect Maggie

Maggie Williams is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 58A (Lakeville).

Elect Maggie Williams to represent Lakeville!

My name is Maggie Williams and I’m running to represent our community in the State Legislature. My husband Jeff and I love raising our family in Lakeville and have excitedly watched our city grow.Jeff is a veteran of the Marines (oorah!) and now works in IT, and I work in the substance abuse and mental health field. We are the proud parents of two active and enthusiastic little boys, Nathan and Noah. Rounding out the family are Buddy the rescue dog and Sushi the Betta.

Maggie, Jeff and their sons Nathan and Noah

A born and raised Minnesotan, I am rooted in the values that make Lakeville a wonderful place to live—and I want to bring those same values to the Minnesota State Legislature. As a working mom, wife of a Marine, and active member of our community, I know we need an independent voice who is ready to work on affordable healthcare, prioritizing students, upholding our commitment to veterans, and ensuring a safe and thriving community.

I am running for office because I know elected officials should govern with people, not for them. I believe our policies will start to reflect our values when lawmakers start listening to citizens, not partisan rhetoric or special interest groups. I’m ready to listen, learn and work with every member of our community to bring Lakeville values to the Legislature.

HEALTHCARE: Maggie’s son Nathan

As we celebrate my son’s 7th birthday, I reflect back to the day he was born and the journey we experienced getting to that day.

Just getting to September 23rd was a feat in and of itself. Leading up to this day, doctors appointments, specialists, tests and monitoring were practically a full-time job. Nathan was ultimately born 6 weeks early and spent time in the NICU.

I knew we were facing astronomical medical bills, but had no way of knowing how high those bills would climb. I was lucky in that I had health insurance, but even with that coverage, the medical bills sky rocketed. Trust me when I tell you that the NICU is NOT cheap!

I know what it’s like to face seemingly insurmountable medical bills. I know what it’s like to lie awake at night and worry.

No one should have to worry about whether or not they can afford medical care. No one should have to choose between prescriptions and food. Not ever.

We can do better!


VETERANS: Maggie’s dad

Five years ago today I received a phone call that would turn my world upside down. The words I heard are etched into my memory:

“Mrs. Williams, this is Dr. Perlman from the University of Minnesota Hospital. I just completed an ultrasound of your father’s abdomen and we found 4 masses in his liver that are indicative of neoplasms.” I asked if he could provide more details. “Where there are not tumors, there is cirrhotic scar tissue. Your father has liver cancer.”

He died five days later.

My father was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, having completed two tours in Vietnam. He was a pilot and flew the A4 Skyhawk from the USS Ticonderoga and the USS Bonhomme Richard.

My father also suffered from PTSD. He used alcohol to cope with what he saw and what he did, and it killed him.

According to studies completed by RAND Corporation:

These men and women stepped up and sacrificed to protect our country. I want to improve access to high-quality care (using evidence based methods) and ensure that every veteran has easy access to this care when they need it!


Phone banking for Maggie every Tuesday

Maggie is hosting call banking every Tuesday night this summer from 5:30-8pm. The address is 16555 Flagstaff Ave W., Rosemount 55068.

Please join! Bring your mobile phones, and a laptop if you have one 🙂